"As the former CFO of multi-billion-dollar consumer, healthcare and technology businesses, including major divisions of Microsoft, Novartis, and Kodak, I bring real-world perspective to my clients’ leadership challenges.”  
– John Rex

Meet John

John understands the intensity of leading complex businesses because he has literally done it himself. As an executive coach and leadership consultant, his mission is to empower teams and individuals to realize their potential by tapping into their deepest strengths and learning to live more authentically.

During 25 years in executive leadership roles leading 100’s of professionals around the globe, John cultivated a passion for coaching and developing high-performing individuals and teams. He became known as the leader who put people first and consistently built powerful people-centered organizations.

At Microsoft he led several multi-year cultural transformation initiatives for over 1,100 employees worldwide.  Business Impact! equipped finance professionals with the tools to identify and assertively advocate for game-changing growth and cost measures, dramatically enhancing their reputations as trusted advisors. MyLife empowered them to make choices at work and home that meaningfully improved their sense of well-being and increased their effectiveness on the job.

John is known for his authenticity, courage and energy in coaching individuals and teams to maximize their potential. Having lived in Latin America for twelve years, he is fluent in Spanish and holds a special appreciation for diverse perspectives. This makes him an inclusive leader who draws on the uniqueness of individuals to increase the power of teams. He loves to transform what is strong into what is superb.

A sense of adventure is at the heart of John’s zest for life. He relishes exploring new ideas, places and cultures. Family, spirituality and community are central to his way of living.  Whenever he gets the chance, he escapes into nature where he loves to cycle, backpack, ski, scuba dive and soak in the beauty of this earth.  John holds an International MBA from the Thunderbird School of Global Management. He is a Certified Practitioner of the assessment instruments of The Leadership Circle and a member of the International Coach Federation.

To learn more about John’s substantial professional accomplishments as a CFO at Fortune 100 companies, please click the LinkedIn button below.

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Executive Coaching

Team Coaching

John assesses teams through qualitative and quantitative measures, then helps you build the path to high performance.

Build your Team
Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching

John's coaching draws on more than 25 years in senior leadership roles at Microsoft, Novartis, and Kodak.

Maximize Your Potential
Leadership Assessments

Leadership Assessments

As a Certified Practitioner of the Leadership Circle, John utilizes best-in-class tools to assess and develop you and your team.

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